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Leadbuddy Releases 3 new Lightning Cables For You

  • LeadBuddy’s new cables are all 3 foot long and made for durability and compatibility in mind. Many third-party cables have bigger plastic enclosures around their plugs than these cables do, which could sometimes prevent them from dealing with products in protectives cases.The length of the gold braided metallic material round these Lightning cables is 7.68mm by 4.56mm. LeadBuddy is near to these figures, calculating 8.5mm by 5.51mm in other words, about 1mm bigger either in direction. Although it isn't the identical, individuals figures are closer than many Lightning cable enclosures we have seen. The cable also has a 2.4-Amplifier charge.
    The cables are all very good quality and braided each one is gold colored, with metal plugs being black, passing on a really clever look. The braided aspect is very nice because it doesn’t fray as much as what I’ve formerly located on other braided cables. Getting a sturdy cable is essential, thinking about this can most likely be spending some serious time in your desk. I've found no trouble to keep it whatsoever occasions, linked to my LeadBuddy PowerPort because of its short length. Oh, and there's no way these cable's will bunch up such as the cable that you will get together with your iPhone does.Here are the links on amazon to all these Leadbuddy cables for you to check out
    LeadBuddy ELITE
    LeadBuddy PRO iPhone Charger
    LeadBuddy DUO Lightning Cable
    • Use the iPowerBuddy whenever possible, but not all the time, let the battery do some work as well. Exercise the Lithium Ion battery regularly.
    • Lower the brightness setting on the screen backlight. This uses so much power, but make sure the new setting is comfortable for your eyes.
    • Remove all USB devices, PCMCIA cards and any others that are not being used. Whilst connected they draw a certain amount of power from the battery. Some require switching off by the software or operating system even if they are unplugged.
    • Minimize the number of programs running at the same time, especially if you are not using them constantly. This makes the processor do more work and draws more power from the Asus laptop battery.
    • Stop unnecessary processes that may be running in the background, with our your knowledge. Open the Task Manager in Windows, this shows all the processes that are currently running.
    • Add more system memory, RAM. The system utilises this more and lowers hard disk access time.
    • Set the Windows Power Management settings to maximum savings.
    • Powersave settings in the BIOS needs to be enabled for the Windows Power Management to work properly.
    • If you have a second battery, use it in rotation with the current laptop battery.
    • Fully discharge and recharge your batteries about once every 3 months, even Lithium Ion batteries. This is simply because, the smart electronics gets a bit confused as to capacity.
    • If you are taking the laptop battery out to store it, make sure it is only has about 40 - 50% charge. (NOT FULLY CHARGED!! or FULLY DISCHARGED) Store the battery in an Anti-Static bag and in a dry, cool place.
    • Clean the metal contacts on the rechargeable Asus laptop battery, with rubbing alcohol. Clean contacts ensure a good connection.
    • When carrying the laptop parts do not let it get in touch with other metal objects. This prevents the screen from short circuiting and causing damage to person and property.
    • Do not drop or pierce the rechargeable lithium-ion battery and do not open the casing. The contents may be corrosive and harmful.
    • Do not use a broken or damaged Asus laptop battery, prevent serious damage to property and person
    • Make sure the vents on the laptop are not blocked and the battery does not overheat. Extreme heat causes the increases the self-discharge rate of the battery.
    • Do not use a laptop or a battery from extreme temperatures. Let them reach room temperature before use.

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